Ecological action, biofilms

Effective and progressive

Innovative, trend-setting acts are characteristic of Hugo Beck. Also with regards to ecology. From an early stage, we have been committed to treating the environment responsibly - and practice this ourselves on a daily basis. Various environmentally friendly measures guarantee clean, energy-saving and efficient production processes in our company. This includes, for example:

State-of-the-art lacquer finish and extraction systems

Valves from compressed air (PIAB valves): they produce the vacuum in the feeder and make a separate, energy-complex vacuum generation redundant

Innovative shrink tunnels that are equipped with special air circulations and energy-saving warmth insulation; effective air control systems reduce the shrink tunnel length by approximately 25%

Biofilms like the packaging film PLA (poly lactic acid) made of corn-starch and industrially compostable process our machines reliably and safely