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Dettingen/Erms, 18 September 2019 – Hugo Beck, the world’s leading manufacturer of horizontal flowpack, film packaging and post-print processing machines, is showcasing a new series of paper packaging solutions at this year’s FachPack. Introduced at the show under the slogan, ‘Film or paper? Stay flexible’, Hugo Beck is meeting the growing demand for sustainable primary and secondary packaging solutions by enabling customers to choose both the packaging type and material, all from one single machine.

Hugo Beck's flexible machine technology now allows customers to select whether a product is packaged in film, paper or composite material. The packaging machines can be easily adapted to new packaging materials with a simple changeover. It is also possible to convert existing film packaging machines to use a new packaging substrate.

Both uncoated and coated paper can be used for producing bags with two glued or sewn sides plus a top overlap or, alternatively, with no overlap and three sewn sides. Additional options of banding with overlapping are also available. Visitors to the stand 307 in hall 4A will be able to see the flexibility of a modified Hugo Beck film packaging machine as it packs and labels products within uncoated paper. In addition, flowpack production with a PE-coated paper will also be demonstrated on the stand.

“Each company has its own unique requirements for packaging their goods and we therefore need to ensure our customers are able to select the best material according to their specific product application and sustainability objectives” explains Timo Kollmann, Sales Director at Hugo Beck. “Delivering choice to our customers is key. The current debate regarding sustainability and the use of plastic film in the packaging industry shows how complex the issues are, with different materials meeting the many different environmental objectives our customers’ face. From lightweight thinner films, to bioplastics and recycled content materials, there are many options for manufacturers and our latest machine technology now enables the cost-effective, flexible use of paper alongside filmic packaging to deliver even greater functionality.”

With over 60 years of experience in customised and flexible film packaging solutions, Hugo Beck is well known in the packaging industry for providing the highest quality in packaging appearance, machine availability and efficiency. However, fewer people are aware that it has also been possible for some time to use certain Hugo Beck machine solutions to produce packaging from paper materials. This longstanding knowledge has helped deliver a wide range of pack options for customers wanting to use both paper alongside virtually all types of film.

In addition to the new paper-based solutions, Hugo Beck’s customer specific filmic packaging solutions for primary and secondary packaging that enable production of flowpacks, poly bags and shrink packs will remain a primary focus for the company. Customers can select from the wide variety of polyolefin, polypropylene, polyethylene and composite films available within the market, and all independent of the manufacturer. The latest films made from up to 100% recycled material and all bioplastics such as PLA films can also be applied using Hugo Beck machine technology. With extremely thin packaging films available from just 7μm, the packaging volume for manufacturers and consumers can be significantly reduced. This, combined with Hugo Beck's high cycle rates and significantly reduced film consumption, mean that a machine investment can pay for itself in a short period of time – often through the annual film savings alone.

"Many of our innovations are the result of valuable feedback from the market. Thanks to our close relationship with our customers, our solutions offer real benefits and productivity advantages,” continues Sales Director Timo Kollmann. “Visitors to our stand at FachPack will therefore see many of the very latest flexible packaging possibilities, however we know that this is just the start, and through our continued cooperation with our customers we will continue to develop new sustainable packaging solutions in every respect.”

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