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The drupa 2016 trade fair sees Hugo Beck present fully-automated post-print processing with new high-speed robot technology


A parallel robot accurately localizes, sorts, and dispenses a hugely diverse range of 3D products and packaging. Automating the packaging of large quantities and frequently changing products is made easy.

Dettingen/Erms, May 18, 2016 – Hugo Beck, leading manufacturer of flowpack, film packaging, and post-print processing systems, introduces its automated high-speed robotic product infeed system, coupled with film packaging applications for the print and paper industry, for the first time at the drupa trade fair. Tasks that had to be performed manually in the past can now be completed easily and with reproducible results. On top of that, Hugo Beck rounds off its trade fair package with the powerful mailline suction belt system, designed for processing mailings efficiently, and the entry-level flexo X shrink-packaging solution.

High-speed robotic system: The most efficient and flexible means of product infeed
The company shows visitors an application typical of the industry that normally needs to be dealt with manually in a live demonstration on its own stand (B70 in Hall 14). Controlled by Hugo Beck's servo X side sealer, a triaxial parallel robot dispenses with pinpoint accuracy a text marker on a pre-printed magazine insert, which will then be packaged in film. The integrated high-resolution camera prelocalizes the product that needs to be processed. Overall, optimum use of the maximum mechanical output of 12,000 cycles per hour (in the case of the servo X) is made when the magazine is packaged.

The parallel robot – also referred to as a spider robot, delta robot or picker – is controlled via the packaging machine, where programs already ran can be saved and repeated at any time. The system is versatile and easy to integrate with existing packaging lines, both in combination with Hugo Beck's servo X machines, for example, or systems from other manufacturers.

The robot's large work area permits the effortless handling of a hugely diverse range of products and packaging (including awkwardly shaped), such as water pistols, stethoscopes, and magnifying glasses. This means that businesses involved in post-print processing can now respond to customer requests with greater flexibility than in the past, easily cope with large or small quantities, and increase production throughput in the process. The fully-automated feed system from Hugo Beck thus enables more efficient operating processes and pays for itself quickly.

Plug & handle – High-speed robot technology for packaging applications in post-print processing with fully repeatable results


Hugo Beck is using the range of robotic systems to expand its assortment of innovative peripheral devices, which play a key role especially for users involved in post-print processing.mailline: Versatile suction belt system for creating mailings efficiently Hugo Beck is also presenting a highly versatile solution for processing mailings in the shape of the mailline suction belt system. On the stand, a friction feeder dispenses an envelope-free, creatively designed selfmailer. A labeling unit dispenses and adheres to the selfmailer the address label, which an inkjet printer then marks for dispatch by mail. There is also the option of rotating the address labels by 90°.This allows visitors to gain insight into the company's diverse feeder systems, which are already proven across the globe thanks to unrivaled variability in their fields of application. Feeders from Hugo Beck have integral control and drive units, which essentially means that they are multifunctional and not tied to a particular manufacturer.The flexible all-rounder: flexo X for shrink-packagingUsed as a space-saving stand-alone device or with other equipment, the flexo X is versatile in every respect and thus enjoys popularity in smaller print shops around the world, too. Since it can be adapted extremely quickly and without any tools, it is ideal for frequently changing products, either individual or stacked. A product data memory allows users to quickly view products already processed. To shrink-wrap the products at the trade fair, an SL 5015/23 shrink tunnel has been connected.