Flowpack with ziplock

This type of flowpack packaging is designed as a three-side seal bag with a ziplock. As is the case with a standard flowpack, a one hundred percent airtight package is created.

The opportunity to use both printed and unprinted films as packaging material applies.

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Block cheese with ziplock

Flowpack packaging as three-side seal bags with a ziplock. Usually, packaging is carried out under a protective gas atmosphere on a flowpack X machine. Printed films can be processed.

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Block cheese in flowpack with and without ziplock

Block cheese in flowpack with and without ziplock

The flowpack X-D zip film packaging machine enables the production of 100% airtight flowpacks with or without a ziplock seal, from a single machine. The flowpack X-D zip is ideal for food applications such as resealable packaging for block cheese.

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flowpack X

Flowpack Machine

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