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Sleeve wrapping

Sleeve wrapping or banding means that products are shrink-wrapped or wrapped in a flat film as individual packages or bundles. Usually, PE-films are used for banding and any subsequent shrinking.

Stretch banding without shrinking is also possible. 

The high-performance Hugo Beck sleever wrappers reach production speeds of up to 35 cycles/min.

Products packed with us

Juices in a tray in film packaging for safe transport

Packaging with porthole produced on a BP 800 sleeve wrapper. It wraps the products in film, usually already standing in the tray, and then shrinks them for a safe transport.

Cigarette pack blanks
Cigarette pack blanks

Special packaging to produce a tight banderole of paper with PE coating, uncoated paper or film. Depending on the type of paper, the cross seam is either thermally sealed or glued with hot glue. Cigarette pack blanks are fed in as stacks and then wrapped.

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Banding of cigarette pack blanks in stacks

Banding of cigarette pack blanks in stacks

The special sleeve wrapper PB 450 SP for the banding of cigarette pack blanks in stacks with PE-coated craft paper.

Sleeve wrapping of large, heavy products

Sleeve wrapping of large, heavy products

Hugo Beck sleeve wrappers provide heavy, large products such as book stacks with a safe protective film packaging.

Applicable industries

Beverage & Glass


Print & Multimedia

Do-It-Yourself Retail

E-Commerce & Logistics

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Sleeve Wrappers

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