Automation and peripherals

The periphery plays a very central role, particularly during post-print processing. Our experts manufacture the entire feeder and addressing periphery. Be it 80g paper or a 80 mm tall directory, credit card format or DIN A3 – thanks to our innovative periphery modules, an extensive range of products can be fed into the machines safely and quickly. The high flexibility is the key aspect of our feeder systems.

Each Hugo Beck feeder is equipped with its own control and own drive unit. This means it can be operated not only with our machines, but also with third-party devices. Either via coupling boxes or simply over photoelectric cells and rotation transducers. The position is also freely selectable: within a few minutes the feeder can be unplugged and made operational in any other place.

Various robots are integrated into the packaging machines for gripping, positioning, stacking, grouping, staging, and so the list goes on. From parallel robot (also known as a spider robot) all the way through to a SCARA robot – anything is possible and used based on the customer‘s needs.