Friction feeder

The Hugo Beck friction feeder operates not only through friction, but is additionally supported by a conveyor belt. It achieves up to 60,000 cycles per hour, can be switched off, is height-adjustable via electric motors and had its own control and its own drive unit.

Our friction feeder is very flexible, since it can process and feed in a multitude of products. It is particularly well suitable for folded or saddle stitched products such as greeting cards or CDs. A counting device can also be included if for example it is necessary to count envelopes.

Technical data: RA 250RA 370RA 420
Length: Between 50 and 330 mmLength: Between 50 and 450 mmWidth: Up to 420 mm
Width: Between 50 and 250 mmWidth: Between 70 and 370 mmIdentical construction to RA 370
Height: Up to 3 mmHeight: Up to 3 mmDownloads
Capacity: Up to 60,000 cycles/hourCapacity: Up to 18,000 cycles/hourBrochure Robots and Feeders