Rotation suction feeder

The rotation suction feeder is the most popular feeder in the graphics industry. It pulls in the product and pulls it into its pincers in order to then feed it via a rotational movement into the packaging / inserting machine at a right angle.

The rotation suction feeder is suitable for a wide variety of products, since it can very quickly be switched from a thin to a comparatively thick product. Each version of our rotation suction feeder excels thanks to a high degree of flexibility, height adjustment possibilities and their own drive and control units.

Technical data: TA 4415TA 4418RA 420
Length: Between 70 and 400 mmLength: between 70 and 400 mmLength: Up to 230 mm
Width: Between 90 and 440 mmWidth: between 90 and 440 mmWidth: Up to 330 mm
Height: Up to 8 mmHeight: Up to 11 mmHeight: Up to 3 mm
Capacity: Up to 15,000 cycles/hourCapacity: Up to 18,000 cycles/hourCapacity: Up to 15,000 cycles/hour
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