Universal feeder

The universal feeder is usually the main feeder and is accordingly in first position. Our universal feeders can feed in very heavy products with a height of between 2 and 80 mm. The flexibly applicable feeder is equipped with its own control and drive units. It is used in both the graphics industry and in many other industries, for example if puzzles, cardboards, flow cloths or gumption boards from plastic are fed in.

Technical data: HB 350HB 440
Length: Between 148 and 420 mmLength: Between 148 and 520 mm
Width: Between 105 and 315 mmWidth: Between 105 and 450 mm
Height: Between 2 and 60 mm, optionally 80 mmDownloads
Capacity: Up to 18,000 cycles / hourBrochure Robots and Feeders