Universally applicable feeder

The response to growing demands

The demands on printing products are growing. In addition to the need to provide attraction at the point of sale, the desire for constantly varying, individual further processing is a key issue. Machine technology is in demand that perfectly places products in the limelight, ensures exceptional flexibility, and in addition increases the efficiency of all work processes.

And this is precisely why the open Hugo Beck system is extremely flexible: Our feeders can be shifted around and are universally applicable. This enables even complex publications to be processed within a short space of time, depending upon volume, number of copies and form of delivery.

All machines can be quickly switched from inline to solo operation, and the mailing production can be supplemented in a few easy steps with new functions for compiling, inserts and packing. Aspects such as personalising, addressing, printing and the supplementing of booklets or multimedia articles are also made easy thanks to Hugo Beck.