Paper Packaging

Both uncoated and coated paper of various types can be used for producing bags.

Currently, we are offering the following packaging types:

-  two sides glued with top overlap glued

-  two sides sewn with top overlap glued

-  paper banded with overlap sealed or glued

- Flowpack packaging with longitudinal seam above or below is only possible for coated paper (e.g. with PE or cold glue)

As an innovative solution provider and solution finder, we are interested in working closely with our customers to develop the best solutions for their markets by taking into account your feedback. That's why you can always contact us with your ideas and wishes if you have not discovered the required packaging variant or if, for example, you need an alternative to hotmelt gluing. We are continuously working on alternative methods.

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Our paper packaging. Don't see your packaging requirement? Simply, contact us for a solution!

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

2 sides glued, top overlap glued

2 sides sewn, top overlap glued

Paper banded, overlap thermo sealed/glued



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and paper packaging

Film or Paper: It's Your Choice!

At FachPack 2019 we presented for the first time our flexible machine technology for film and paper packaging, enabling customers to select whether a product is packaged in film or paper (or alternatively in composite material). Our packaging machines can be easily adapted to new packaging materials with a simple changeover.


-  A single machine enables film and paper packaging to be produced with a simple changeover.

-  Production of different types of packaging on one machine.

The ability to convert some older Hugo Beck film packaging machines to paper packaging.

By choosing Hugo Beck, our customers make a sustainable investment with an eye on the future – selecting the most suitable packaging material for each product and meeting the environmental objectives of the overall business.

Find out more information about the horizontal form, fill and seal machine paper X hybrid advance

Find out more in this user report how the German printing house Kohlhammer now uses paper instead of plastic working with a paper packaging system of Hugo Beck.

This is just one of many examples. Please contact us to find out how your product can be packaged in paper.