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paper X hybrid advance 5/8/10/12 - for film and paper packaging on a single machine

Film or paper? Stay flexible! A single machine can now deliver both film and paper packaging applications. The paper X hybrid advance is our most flexible and efficient machine for packaging goods in paper or film. A simple changeover ensures you are ready for the new product and the new packaging material.

Different materials can help companies meet the diverse number of sustainability objectives faced. For example, significant savings in material up to 70% per package can be achieved by using the latest lightweight, thin films (e.g. polyolefin). 100%  recyclable films made from monomaterials (e. g. polypropylene) and those made from recycled materials and bioplastics (e. g. PLA films) offer further options.

In addition, Hugo Beck‘s flexible machine technology enables the cost-efficient, flexible use of paper packaging.

Whether using a chain infeed or infeed conveyor, the machines stand apart through their continuous packaging process – without stop-and-go – maximising efficiencies by ensuring there is no downtime when sealing or glueing.



-  One single machine for different packaging materials and types
-  Quick changeover in approx. 30 to 60 minutes
-  Extremely high flexibility, future-proofing your packaging requirements

This means for our customers a sustainable investment with an eye on the future. And you are able to select the most suitable material for the specific requirements of the product you want to package, while meeting the environmental objectives of your company.

Want to find out more? Please contact us to find out how your product can be packaged in the most film efficient way possible or as an alternative in paper.

More information about how Hugo Beck's machine techology enables sustainable primary and secondary packaging solutions.

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Technical data for paper

Technical data for film

Width: max. 250 mm

Width: max. 450 mm

Height: max. 50 mm

Height: max. 80 mm

Length: from 45 mm

Length: from 45 mm

Capacity: Up to 10,000 cycles/hour

Capacity: Up to 15,000 cycles/hour

Paper: uncoated and coated, from approx. 60 g/mto 120 g/m2

Film: All types (centre-folded and flat film)

Versions: top overlap glued
(alternative closing techniques upon request)

Versions: side seal, top overlap sealing




Data sheet paper X hybrid advance