Poly bags and shrink packs

In the field of film packaging, Hugo Beck is the manufacturer with the broadest product spectrum. With innovative technology made by Hugo Beck, nearly everything can be packaged. Smoothly. From individual dextrose all the way to products 800 mm wide, from a single sheet up to a 450 mm high box. We have an extremely broad setup and master side sealing as well as all kinds of overlap sealing techniques. We have a broad technical range: from stand-alone machines to highly sophisticated, linked lines with connection to upstream/downstream units, synchronising, grouping. 


For bags and shrink packs as primary and secondary packaging our packaging machines can process all types of film available within the market, including:

-  Polyolefin (starting at 7 μm)

-  Polypropylene

-  Polyethylene

-  Composite films

-  Tyvek®

-  Films made from up to 100 % recycled material

-  Bioplastics (e.g. PLA films)