mailline suction belt

The high performance, freely positionable suction connection routes of Hugo Beck are called maillines and consist usually of a feeder and an attached alignment marker with an outfeed suction belt. maillines are primarily employed in order to process flyers, which are for example fed in, grooved and afterwards glued shut and personalised.

In addition to the mailline we also offer the mailline advance, which is equipped not with a continuous suction volume but four or six suction conveyor belts, which can be shifted and adjusted in relation to one other. The products to be packaged are folded shut, ploughed shut or glued together.

Technical data
Capacity (mailline and mailline advance): Up to 25.000 cycles/hour
From DIN A7 to DIN A3, everything can be processed
Usually combined with our feeders, which also operate in the capacity range of up to 40,000 cycles/hour
Hugo Beck machine range at a glance