Poly bag machines servo X

With all Hugo Beck servo X machines, the transverse sealing unit runs along continuously and synchronises to the product and/or the gap between two products. The seal therefore does not mean dead time: Everything remains in flow, the product handling is simplified; small distances can be driven.

Accurate: The machine examines the distances and seals only if they are sufficient. Since our servo X can change the transverse sealing position with each cycle, it always gets the gap. This thus significantly increases the reproducibility and availability, up to 15% of film is saved.

Technical data

Different capacity ranges: 5,000 cycles/hour, 8,000 cycles/hour, 10,000 cycles/hour, 12,000 cycles/hour, 15,000 cycles/hour

Height: max. 250 mm in the standard version, optional up to 450 mm

Length: from 45 mm

Width: 10 to 450 mm, optional up to 800 mm


Data sheet_servo X 5-15_servo X 800

Hugo Beck machine range at a glance