flowpack R

The compact solution for high-speed packaging

The continuous flowpack machine flowpack R achieves very high speeds of up to 300 cycles per minute in an extremely compact design due to the rotating transversal sealing.

Reproducible results are guaranteed from the very first pack. Options such as seamless traceability and product monitoring during the packaging process are also available.

The machine is available in two versions: with longitudinal sealing above or below. Both versions can be equipped on a modular and individual basis. Examples here are finger conveyor chains or infeed belts, thermal transfer printer, labelling machine and automatic film roll changer for continuous film unwind, i.e. non-stop operation.

Our flowpack machines are also available as hygienically designed version.

The machines are suitable for the packaging of fruit and vegetables, sausage and meat products as well as cheese and dairy products. Frozen products, confectionery and bakery products or various household products etc. can also be packed quickly and safely, whether individually or in bundles.


Hygienic Design

What does Hygienic Design include?

Hygiene risks are avoided as far as possible. This means an appropriate design of the surfaces to counteract the formation of dirt traps. Angled surfaces, depressions and areas that are difficult or impossible to access are avoided. The machine parts in contact with the product are consistently made of high-quality stainless steel and have a surface roughness of approx. 0.8 μm (micrometers). All materials used are approved for food contact and must withstand cleaning with harsh chemicals.

High ground clearance and balcony design

The flowpack machines have a balcony design and high ground clearance so that wet cleaning can be carried out at any time.

The balcony design includes a strict separation of the drive technology and product transport areas, with drive systems and tooth belts located at the rear ensuring that the front area is easy to clean and dirt can fall through directly downwards. The switch cabinet is also located on the rear of the machine, reducing cable lengths and distances and enabling more effective wet cleaning as well as helping remove any possible dirt traps.

Additional options

Blue and detectable cable connectors or the optional screw locks ensure that there is no risk of product contamination.

Technical Data

Product size

Length: from 45 mm

Width: 10 – 250 mm

Height: max. 80 mm


PP, composite films, biofilms, PE-coated paper


up to 18.000 cycles/hour

up to 300 cycles/minute


longitudinal sealing above or below


Data sheet flowpack R

Machine Versions and Application Examples

flowpack R in Hygienic Design

with film unwinding at the top and longitudinal sealing below

flowpack R with chain infeed and longitudinal sealing above

flowpack R with longitudinal sealing below

FFP2 face masks in flowpack packaging

FFP2 face masks in flowpack packaging

Mouth-nose protection masks such as medical face masks or FFP2 masks with or without valves are packed in bags of 1 to 10 pieces. Packaging is available in both airtight flowpacks and common poly bags. The packaging films can be printed or perforated for quick air escape, and automatic transfer from the mask production pre-systems can be achieved.

Grouping and flowpacking cosmetics

Grouping and flowpacking cosmetics

Grouping and packing cosmetics with Hugo Beck's flowpack R film packaging machine.

Packaging of car fresheners in flowpacks

Packaging of car fresheners in flowpacks

Flowpacking of car fresheners with Hugo Beck film packaging machine flowpack R

Scented bags in flowpack

Scented bags in flowpack

Producing flowpacks of scented bags with Hugo Beck flowpack R machine

Flowpacks of peppermint boxes

Flowpacks of peppermint boxes

Packaging of peppermint boxes with a Hugo Beck film packaging machine flowpack R.

Packaging of chocolate in flowpacks

Packaging of chocolate in flowpacks

Flowpacking of chocolate with Hugo Beck's film packaging machine flowpack R

Packaging Style Options

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

Paper Packaging

Applicable Industries

Fruit & Vegetables


Cosmetics & Hygiene


Complementary machine solutions

Robots and Handling Systems

Are you interested in a flowpack machine?

Together, we can find the best solution for packing your product.


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