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Fully automatic horizontal packaging machines from Hugo Beck are used worldwide across many different sectors for a wide range of products, volumes and packaging styles. Above all, the high flexibility and efficiency of our machines is key.

Managed completely in-house, our state-of-the-art project planning and manufacturing processes ensure we can react to virtually all customers' needs.

We develop and produce your tailored solutions for packaging in film or paper and also supply all peripheral devices. Whether customised or standard machines, our comprehensive portfolio includes flowpack machines, continuous and intermittent Form Fill and Seal machines, sleeve wrappers, shrink tunnels, post-print processing systems, feeders, robots and handling systems. 

Hugo Beck's automation solutions, which include robots or portals for example, can be easily adapted to new requirements and are all characterised by maximum availability. These systems can operate as an integral part of a complete packaging solution from Hugo Beck or as a stand-alone system.

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Whether customised or standard machines, our comprehensive portfolio includes flowpack machines, continuous and intermittent Form Fill and Seal machines, sleeve wrappers, shrink tunnels, post-print processing systems, feeders and automation solutions. 

Packing in Film/Paper


Labeling systems

Inserting machines

Form Fill and Seal Machines

Our comprehensive machine portfolio includes fully automatic continuous and intermittent Form Fill and Seal Machines for film and paper packaging, with each machine designed either as a stand-alone system or as a highly automated in-line complete solution. The machines cover a performance range up to 18,000 cycles per hour.

Flowpack Machines

Our fully automatic flowpack machines are suitable either for high-speed applications, airtight film packaging requirements or paper packaging, depending on the version selected. The machines feature rotating or box motion transversal sealing units, with selection of a longitudinal seam either above or below. They can be combined with a wide range of feed systems, such as finger conveyor chains or infeed belts.

Sleeve Wrappers

Sleever wrappers operate with an upper and a lower film and are ideal to quickly provide heavy, large products with safe protective packaging and/or transit packaging.

Shrink Tunnels

Adapted for each packaging system, we supply the appropriate shrink tunnel in all sizes and performance ranges required for the production of high-quality shrink packaging.

Robots and Handling Systems

We offer support with our expertise throughout the entire automation process, from project planning and manufacture right through to integration into complex packaging lines. Both robots and handling systems can be purchased independently of Hugo Beck packaging machines.


Total flexibility is key aspect to our feeder systems. As each Hugo Beck feeder is equipped with its own control and own drive unit, it can be operated not only with our machines, but also with third-party devices. The position of each unit is also freely selectable.

Suction Belts/Mailtables

The high-performance, freely positionable mailtables of Hugo Beck are called maillines and usually consist of a feeder and an attached alignment section with an outfeed suction belt. The maillines are primarily processing flyers, which are for example fed in, grooved and afterwards glued and personalised.

Inserting Machines

Hugo Beck provides inserting machines for the collation of magazines and catalogues with inserted and/or applied supplements of various types in the performance range from 8,000 to 15,000 cycles/hour. Selective feeding and labelling are also part of the scope of delivery, as well as the collation of stacks.


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