Cosmetics & Hygiene

Perfectly fitted solutions across flowpack, bag and shrink packaging are a must for this sector. Our proven shrink packaging solutions are in great demand worldwide. For example, bodycare products, aerosol cans, detergents, trays and folding boxes containing cosmetic and hygiene products are packed safely and user-friendly in film.

For aerosol cans, for example, a packaging machine with a vertical sealing unit is also available. Double-packs or multi-packs are frequently produced to deliver promotional packaging formats for a particular country.

Flowpack machines are ideal for cosmetic products where air-tight packaging and stability are important. We adapt our machines to the many different products and dimensions within the market, ensuring each client’s specific wishes are met.  This means that Flowpack machines from Hugo Beck are available in many varieties for the widest range of requirements.

Products packed with us

Sanitary products

Hygiene products in bottles, spray cans, tubes such as body lotions, deodorants, hairspray, etc. are shrink-wrapped individually or in bundles. Mostly, promotional packaging is produced with PO-film. Suitable machines are a flexo or servo X, depending on performance class and packaging style. For example, side sealing, bottom cut sealing or ionization are often applied.


Cosmetics are often wrapped in film for transport purposes and either shrunk or flowpacked. For these applications the FFS machines flexo and servo X or a flowpack X for airtight packaging are suitable.


Transport packaging of grouped products is often used to save on cardboard and thus reduce packaging costs. Or promotional packaging is used for sales purposes. The bottles can be packed upright or lying down in PO or PE films.

Discover our solutions!

Orienting and packaging of spray cans

Orienting and packaging of spray cans

Orienting and shrink wrapping of spray cans with a Hugo Beck film packaging machine servo X and automation solution.

Grouping and flowpacking cosmetics

Grouping and flowpacking cosmetics

Grouping and packing cosmetics with Hugo Beck's flowpack X-U film packaging machine.

Producing packs of disposable flannels using a register printed film

Producing packs of disposable flannels using a register printed film

Packaging Style Options

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

Flowpack with ziplock

Side seal

Bottom cut seal

Bottom overlap thermo seal/static seal

Eurohole hang pack

Machine Options

Form Fill and Seal Machines

intermittent and continuous

Flowpack Machines

Shrink Tunnels

Robots and Handling Systems

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