Wood & Long Parts

Hugo Beck provides high-performance, extremely flexible film packaging machines for wood and similar length goods, such as parquet or laminate, mouldings, wood or laminated wood, furniture parts or doors.

The flexible packaging machines are ideal for similar length products, including skis and snowboards, spirit levels, rolled goods, steel pipes, and many more items.

With line speeds of 70 to 80 metres per minute, our laminate packaging machines are extremely efficient, taking just five minutes to deal with a pallet of goods. Long products made of other materials can also be packed securely, reliably, and rapidly using our machine technology.

Clear film packaging not only protects goods, it also emphasises the high value and the character of the products. In addition, thanks to our resource-saving machine technology providing close, tight-fit packaging, there is hardly any film wasted during production.

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Products packed with us

Wood, laminate in shrink-wrapped film packaging
Wood, laminate, parquet, etc.

Laminate and wood can be packed either in cardboard boxes or individually in film. In addition to the size and weight of the products, very high packaging speeds of up to 70 meters film per minute must be mastered. The machines used are flexo Hsleeve wrappers and above all servo X machines with bottom overlap and high automation incl. automatic film changing units and long shrink tunnels.

Skis, mouldings, various long parts in shrink-wrapped film packaging
Skis, mouldings, various long parts

Whether skis or mouldings, everything comes automatically from the upstream machinery and is reliably shrink-wrapped in film in 24/7 operation. For example with a flexo H or servo X machine including shrink tunnel.

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Paper Packaging for Long Parts

Paper Packaging for Long Parts

The Hugo Beck paper X range offers multiple machine versions tailored per customer requirements. Providing versatile packaging for individual product requirements, the paper X series can process a wide range of packaging materials, including barrier paper, uncoated kraft paper, offset paper, parchment paper and other recyclable papers with PE, PLA or dispersion coatings, as well as working with all types of film such as PE, PO, PP, bioplastics and recycled content films.

Floor strips in shrink packs with euro hole

Floor strips in shrink packs with euro hole

Shrink wrapping of floor strips including an euro hole on a Hugo Beck servo X film packging machine.

Shrink wrapping of wooden profiles

Shrink wrapping of wooden profiles

Floor panels in shrink packs

Floor panels in shrink packs

Packaging Style Options

Side seal

Bottom cut seal

Bottom overlap thermo seal/static seal

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

Machine Options

Form Fill and Seal Machines


flexo H

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

Sleeve Wrappers

Flowpack Machines

Shrink Tunnels

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