Illustration of the packaging type "Eurohole hang pack"

Euro hole hang pack

Euro hole welding has established itself worldwide as the packaging method of choice for the production of hang packs. With Hugo Beck packaging machines an additional sealing is possible to stabilise the packaging, ensuring products are optimally presented.

The dimensions of each Euro hole are individually adapted according to our customers' packaging requirements.

Production speeds of up to 10,000 cycles/hour are achieved with Euro hole welding.

Frequently used films

Products packed with us

Our examples are applicable to many different products, product sizes and bundles. Let us find the perfect packaging solution for your product.

Abbildung von Duftspender in der Verpackung
Air freshener

The air freshener is automatically taken from the upstream machine and is first soaked with the fragrance in the Hugo Beck packaging machine flowpack X. Afterwards it is airtightly packed with up to 150 cycles/minute, usually in register printed film with a hanging hole.

Wet wipes for screens, etc.

Packing in airtight flowpack with or without target printing. Wet wipes can also be processed. It is possible to protect the products against drying out by means of a re-sealable closure.


Tablecloths are tightly bagged individually, in bundles and in stacks with our packaging machines. Register printed films can be used as well as PE, PO and PP films in different thickness. Suitable machines are a flexo 500 and servo X with side sealing or bottom overlap. Eurohole and double packs are possible. A further option are reclosable bags.

Paper towels, cotton pads

Usually already pre-packed, paper towels and cotton pads can be grouped or packed individually with flexo 500 and servo X packaging machines. The film packaging can feature a Eurohole or carrying handle.

Abbildung von Putzentüchern und Tischdecken in der Verpackung
Cleaning rags, tablecloths, etc.

Cleaning rags, tablecloths, etc. are usually packed particularly tightly with printed film. Euroholes for hanging up and presenting the goods and double packs are also possible. Suitable film packaging machines are a flexo, servo X or flowpack X.

Discover our solutions!

Household cloth in eurohole hang packs

Household cloth in eurohole hang packs

Packaging of table cloth with hang hole

Packaging of table cloth with hang hole

Film packaging of table cloth with hang hole on a Hugo Beck poly bag machine servo X.

Bed linen in hang packs

Bed linen in hang packs

Applicable Industries

Household Goods

Print & Multimedia

Do-It-Yourself Retail

Machine Options

flexo 500

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

flexo 700

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

servo X

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

servo X 800

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

paper X hybrid advance

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Paper and Film

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