Beverage & Glass

Stable and secure secondary packaging

With Hugo Beck’s packaging machines, a wide variety of liquid containers such as glass bottles, oil bottles and Tetra Paks can be packed together in stable bundles as secondary packaging ready for quick, easy and secure transportation.

Products packed with us

Juices in a tray in film packaging for safe transport

Packaging with porthole produced on a BP 800 sleeve wrapper. It wraps the products in film, usually already standing in the tray, and then shrinks them for a safe transport.

Beverage bottles in a bundle in film packaging
Various beverages

Whether as a six-pack, in a tray or completely without connection, the bottles are packed on flexo or servo X machines and then shrunk. Capacities up to 150 cycles/minute are possible and films can be PO or PE.

Glass bottles in bundle in film packaging for clean and safe transport
Glass bottles

Glass bottles standing upright in the bundle often need to be securely and cleanly packed by the bottle manufacturer for transport to the filler. For this purpose, bottles are first grouped and then pushed into the film tube on a pusher machine flexo Push and shrunk after packaging.

Bottles in a double pack in film packaging
Edible oils

Edible oils and other liquids in various bottles are wrapped as twin packs or multipacks for promotional packaging using for example a polyolefin shrink film. Machines are mostly combinations of a servo X Form Fill and Seal machine with shrink tunnel.

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Glass bottles grouped and shrink-wrapped

Glass bottles grouped and shrink-wrapped

flexo pusher-machines wrap difficult products with ease, such as as glass bottles in bundles. They automatically collect and group items in order to subsequently push them into the film.

Packaging of beverage containers

Packaging of beverage containers

Producing shrink packs of five beverage containers per unit with a Hugo Beck servo X poly bag machine

Packaging of liquid containers in double packs

Packaging of liquid containers in double packs

Shrink wrapping of oil bottles in double packs

Shrink wrapping of oil bottles in double packs

How to produce double packs of edible oil bottles with a Hugo Beck servo X film packaging machine.

Packaging Style Options

Sleeve wrapping

Side seal

Bottom cut seal

Bottom overlap thermo seal/static seal

Machine Options

Form Fill and Seal Machines


flexo 500/700 push

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

Sleeve Wrappers

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