Sustainable film and paper packaging

The best packaging solution for every product

With Hugo Beck you can choose the packaging type and materials best suited for your specific product and application. Whether packaging in film, paper or composite material, our machinery solutions are highly flexible, efficient and cost-effective. They can be adapted to new packaging materials and changing requirements by easy changeovers. Similarly, existing film packaging machines can often be converted to run new packaging substrates.

Stay flexible! Different packaging styles can be flexibly combined with Hugo Beck's machines. Even different types of film and paper can be processed on only one machine.

The latest mono-material films or films made from up to 100% recycled material, bioplastics and extremely thin packaging films available from just 7 μm can also be applied using Hugo Beck machine technology.

And material savings of approx. 15 percent are possible due to our extremely tight bag packaging, with its precision fit of film and hardly any film waste across production.

Find the perfect flowpack, bag or shrink pack for your product

Select your packaging style to find out more details about our different types of mostly primary and secondary packaging. And of course, further packaging styles are available on request.


2 sides sewn, top overlap glued

Various packaging techniques are applied for this paper packaging with two sewn sides and glued top overlap. This type of paper bag is produced with the paper e-com fit.

2 sides glued at front & rear, top overlap glued

This paper packaging, which is produced on the paper X Form Fill and Seal machine, is a high-speed application. A sleeve is formed by folding and gluing the paper at the top. Then the paper sleeve, which already contains the product, is glued at the front and rear sides.

Paper-banded, overlap thermo sealed/glued

This special packaging produces a tight banderole of paper. Either a kraft paper with PE coating or an uncoated paper can be used. Depending on the type of paper, the cross seam is either thermally sealed or glued with hot glue.

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

Flowpacks with the characteristic fin seams appeal thanks to their 100% air-tightness and extraordinary stability which enables a sales-effective product presentation at the point of sale. Our flowpack machines flexibly process both film and paper, which must contain a minimum coating of some type, such as PE or cold glue, in order to be sealed.

Flowpack with longitudinal seam above/below

Flowpacks with the characteristic fin seams appeal thanks to their 100% air-tightness and extraordinary stability which enables a sales-effective product presentation at the point of sale. They are produced on our continuous flowpack machines.

Side seal

Side sealing machines with film waste rewinders pack products with a lateral cut seal. The lateral cut seal guarantees a high-quality packaging without remaining film on the product. Thanks to our patented tight packaging only as much film is used as is truly needed.

Bottom cut seal

This type of packaging uses a cut seal underneath the product. If required, high-quality shrink packaging is also possible. These are particularly suitable for film packaging of round products.

Overlap on top

With this flexible overlap sealing, products can be closed at the top, centre or side. This shrink-wrapping technology is in great demand especially for the packaging of mailing products such as magazines or catalogues.

Bottom overlap thermo seal/static seal

This overlap seal is applied in the middle of the product below. Hugo Beck uses the technology of seal welding or ionisation (with shrinking). This way the overlap can be set centrally or laterally.

Sleeve wrapping

Sleeve wrapping or banding means that products are shrink-wrapped or wrapped in a flat film as individual packages or bundles. Stretch banding without shrinking is also possible.

Eurohole hang pack

Euro hole welding has established itself worldwide as a packaging method for the production of hang packs. With Hugo Beck packaging machines an additional sealing is possible to stabilise the packaging, enabling an optimal presentation of the products.

Hang pack with reinforced header

The Hugo Beck packaging technology "Euro hole with header" is patented. An additional reinforcing film strip is inserted and welded to the packaging film.

Reclosable bag

Reclosable closures can be made with either cold glue or a double-sided adhesive tape. Products with a maximum height up to 25 mm are easily packed in film, ensuring a consumer-friendly finish.

Materials for film packaging

Materials for paper packaging

Sustainable film and paper packaging

How can packaging film use be reduced?

Due to our patented tight packaging with a highly precise fit of the film and hardly any film waste during production: When using continuous Hugo Beck machines, for example, there is no stop-and-go, and through highly precise sequencing and synchronisation of the transverse sealing unit with each product, gaps are minimised. This ensures high volume production outputs, as well as delivering an extremely close-fitting, precise and film-efficient packaging solution with an unrivalled and outstanding finish.

The tight fitting of the bag ensures a minimum film excess - an example would be 2 x 2.5 mm on a DIN A4 magazine and a production output of 8000 cycles/hour. In the case of shrink packaging, less film is then shrunk, which improves the packaging result and also reduces energy consumption.

The environmental profile of film packaging can also be optimised by making it as thin and light as possible. Packaging machines from Hugo Beck process extremely thin packaging and shrink films starting from only 7 µm without any problems.

Flexible switch to paper packaging instead of plastic film

You have the choice between paper and film. A single Hugo Beck packaging machine can now deliver both film and paper packaging applications. The paper X hybrid advance is our most flexible and efficient Form Fill and Seal machine for packaging goods in either paper or film. A simple changeover ensures you are ready for the new product and the new packaging material.

Or you can opt entirely for paper packaging. Hugo Beck's machine solutions allow bags to be produced from both uncoated and coated papers.

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