Complete service worldwide

To ensure production day in day out, it is essential that your machinery is properly looked after over its lifetime. Our complete service solution and our service packages offer straightforward and comprehensive support.

Delivering benefits for you: Maximise the productivity and quality results from your packaging machines and peripherals, with support from Hugo Beck.

Worldwide, more than 100 service technicians are available to support you – from installation through to any subsequent maintenance of your Hugo Beck equipment.



Each Hugo Beck machine is delivered and installed with the specialised knowledge of our customer service team. Our specialists not only ensure a smooth installation process, they also provide all necessary training to make sure that each customer can quickly and safely gain maximum benefit from investing in the latest technology. Within the scope of supervised production, targeted briefings are provided, ensuring the machine can be operated safely by all your employees.

Standard and customised conversion package options are also available if technical upgrades or modifications are needed.

Maintenance and Repair

Safety is further guaranteed with access to our HelpLine: Our highly qualified team remain at your disposal, ensuring you are not alone in case of any support requests. Our online remote diagnostics allows us to dial into your machine’s control system when needed, so we can fully identify any issue. Our service technicians provide fast, competent and straightforward help whenever you need it.

Fixed price regular machine maintenance, upgrades or complete or partial refurbishments are all available from Hugo Beck. 

We will make sure your packaging equipment is always up to date.


In order to maximise use of your Hugo Beck packaging equipment, we offer comprehensive training programmes, either on site or directly at Hugo Beck.

Please contact:

Thomas Lindenmaier Manager Customer Service +49 7123 / 7208 - 24 lindenmaier[at]hugobeck.de
Michael Berger Deputy Manager Customer Service, Maintenance Contracts +49 7123 / 7208 - 819 berger[at]hugobeck.de
Alexander Fritz Customer Service and E-Support +49 7123 / 7208 - 53 fritz[at]hugobeck.de
Peter Velder Customer Service and Maintenance +49 7123 / 7208 - 841 velder[at]hugobeck.de

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