Installation, maintenance, HelpLine and training

Transfer of specialist knowledge

Each Hugo Beck machine is delivered with the required specialised knowledge - competently imparted by the customer service. Our specialists do not only take care to ensure a smooth installation process, they also ensure that the customer’s company employees can use the new technology quickly and safely: within the scope of supervised production, a targeted briefing is carried out.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive, customised training courses, either on site or at Hugo Beck.

Safety is also guaranteed by our HelpLine: Thanks to the uncomplicated remote diagnostics via the Internet, our specialists can dial into the control system of the respective machine if necessary and analyse the fault.


Please contact:

Manager Customer Service
Mr. Thomas Lindenmaier
Phone: +49 7123 / 7208 - 24


Deputy Manager Customer Service
Mr. Werner Mack
Phone: +49 7123 / 7208 - 51

Adapted to the specific demand of the customer, we offer three service packages:

Silver service package:

Gold service package:

Platinum service package:

One maintenance inspection per year

Two maintenance inspections per year

Four maintenance inspections per year

5% discount on spare parts

10% discount on spare parts

15% discount on spare parts

60 minutes of telephone service

100 minutes of telephone service

Unlimited telephone service

Preferential treatment

Preferential treatment

Preferential treatment with exclusive treatment