Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machines

Resource-saving packaging in film and paper

Hugo Beck's fully automatic horizontal packaging machines are used worldwide across many different sectors for a multitude of products, volumes and packaging styles. We are well known in the packaging industry for providing the highest quality in packaging appearance, machine availability and efficiency. Our machines cover a performance range up to 18,000 cycles per hour.

Form Fill and Seal Machines at a glance

Our comprehensive machine portfolio, including continuous and intermittent Form Fill and Seal Machines for packing in film and paper, is designed to operate either as stand-alone systems or as a complete, highly automated in-line solution.

All Form Fill and Seal machines are equipped with the latest drive and control technology, mostly from Siemens or Rockwell Automation. In addition to stainless steel solutions, we can also manufacture machines in a Hygienic Design.

The decision whether to use an intermittent or continuous Form Fill and Seal machine depends on each individual product application, production environment and the required packaging performance.


flexo 500

A flexible all-rounder for packaging speeds of up to 6.000 cycles/hour.

flexo 700

A flexible all-rounder for large format products with a width of up to 680 mm.

flexo 700 e-com

Film packaging for e-commerce, mail order, logistics. Automatic adaptation to the product's length as standard, to the width as an option.

paper e-com fit/paper e-com rapid

Paper packaging with two sewn sides for e-commerce, mail order, logistics. Automatic adaptation to the varying product dimensions in length and width.

flexo 500/700 push

Flexible pusher-machines for the packaging of  bundles and difficult products.

flexo H

A flexible all-rounder for wood and long parts from 800 mm in length.

servo X

Available in five performance ranges and numerous variants. These machines cover the broadest possible range of horizontal film packaging applications – with maximum modularity.

servo X 800

servo X 800 machines are the most powerful of film packaging machines in the large-format segment – with maximum modularity. Suitable for products with a width of up to 800 mm and a length from 150 mm.

paper X hybrid/paper X

paper X hybrid machines wrap goods in paper and film. The paper X is our basic paper only packaging machine, without option to switch to film packaging. For e-commerce, automatic adaptation to the product's length is available.

servo X e-com

Film packaging for e-commerce, mail order, logistics. Automatic adaptation to the product's length as standard, to the width as an option. Packs goods with upper and lower film.

In the field of horizontal film packaging for bags and shrink packs, our machines meet virtually every possible requirement. Customer-specific solutions for primary and secondary packaging are our core business.

Hugo Beck machines process all types of film, independent of the manufacturer. 

In addition, we develop innovative machine technologies that enable the flexible switch to paper packaging and various other packaging materials, future-proofing your investment. Or you can opt entirely for paper to pack your products. Hugo Beck's machine solutions allow bags to be produced from both uncoated and coated papers.

One of the most important features of our machines is their high flexibility and modularity, which help to make the impossible possible.

We develop and produce your tailored packaging solution for packaging in film or paper and also supply all peripheral devices.


Variable product infeed capability

We start where others stop: Whether the product fed into the machine using a conveyor belt, step belt, 45° belt or finger chain, Hugo Beck can guarantee the simple infeed of many different types of products.

Variable longitudinal sealing

The type of longitudinal sealing can also be varied thanks to the modularity of our machines. Hugo Beck offers the following options, some of which can even be combined: side seal, longitudinal seam above, bottom cut seal, ionization or overlap.

Our base machine is always the same, whatever the final variant – product infeed and longitudinal sealing systems can be individually combined. This applies to performance ranges between 5,000 and 15,000 cycles/hour.

Industry 4.0

Our servo X and paper X series continuous packaging machines are fully Industry 4.0 compliant with a standard interface and internet connectivity.

Additionally, we offer apps as a standard solution for the visualization of in-depth machine performance data and the monitoring of production processes. Another objective is the avoidance of unplanned machine downtime through our predictive maintenance services. Our standard digital solution can be adapted to each individual customer's needs.

Peripheral Integration

For sites operating 24/7, the secure connection to upstream and downstream production processes offered by Hugo Beck is just as much of a standard feature as the ability to undertake rapid changeovers between different packaging formats and heights.

Extremely long service life

Many machines from Hugo Beck often accompany our customers throughout their working life. Twenty years is commonplace and even after thirty years many are still in use – all thanks to the quality of Hugo Beck’s machine design and our tailored service and maintenance packages.

Resource-saving machine technology means

Sustainable film and paper packaging

How can packaging film use be reduced?

Due to our patented tight packaging with a highly precise fit of the film and hardly any film waste during production: When using continuous Hugo Beck machines, for example, there is no stop-and-go, and through highly precise sequencing and synchronisation of the transverse sealing unit with each product, gaps are minimised. This ensures high volume production outputs, as well as delivering an extremely close-fitting, precise and film-efficient packaging solution with an unrivalled and outstanding finish.

The tight fitting of the bag ensures a minimum film excess - an example would be 2 x 2.5 mm on a DIN A4 magazine and a production output of 8000 cycles/hour. In the case of shrink packaging, less film is then shrunk, which improves the packaging result and also reduces energy consumption.

The environmental profile of film packaging can also be optimised by making it as thin and light as possible. Packaging machines from Hugo Beck process extremely thin packaging and shrink films starting from only 7 µm without any problems

Flexible switch to paper packaging instead of plastic film

You have the choice between paper and film. A single Hugo Beck packaging machine can now deliver both film and paper packaging applications. The paper X hybrid advance is our most flexible and efficient Form Fill and Seal machine for packaging goods in either paper or film. A simple changeover ensures you are ready for the new product and the new packaging material.

Or you can opt entirely for paper packaging. Hugo Beck's machine solutions allow bags to be produced from both uncoated and coated papers.

Are you interested in a Form Fill and Seal Machine?

We will be more than happy to advise you on which machine best suits your individual requirements.


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