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Our portfolio of horizontal film and paper packaging machines, peripheral devices and automation solutions is unrivalled and encompasses a multitude of services.

As well as the manufacture of series machines, we develop custom solutions that are adapted to your specific needs and manufacturing processes.

Our innovative packaging machine technology means that we always have the right answer across a wide range of sectors and budgets.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology

Hugo Beck provides film and paper packaging machines across the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, primarily for hermetically sealed packaging. For many applications, hygienic, 100% airtight packaging is essential in order to meet the strict regulations and specifications imposed, such as those in technical clean rooms.

E-Commerce & Logistics

We develop and produce film and paper packaging machines designed specifically for the requirements of the e-commerce and mail order sectors. Thanks to features such as the integration of labelling and printing units alongside controllers with connections to client-side ERP systems – everything is possible. 

Hugo Beck’s highly flexible packaging machines and automation solutions ensure contract packers and logistics operators are already equipped and ready to meet the needs of tomorrow.


Film packaging machines from Hugo Beck for flowpacks, bags and shrink packs are used to pack many food products efficiently and in a resource-saving way – and all with a perfect appearance. Applications include dairy products, meat and fish goods, ready-made products, tea, frozen items such as pizzas, and a lot more. Fruit and vegetables in cans or in jars as multipack shrink-wrap packaging are also just as much a part of our repertoire as tray packaging for transporting plastic cups or cans.


Hugo Beck’s film packaging machines for flowpacks, bags and shrink packs ensure many confectionery goods can be packed efficiently, with the minimum use of resources, and all with a perfect finish. Examples include praline and chocolate boxes, biscuits, baked goods, chocolate, marzipan figures, and much more besides. Perfect product presentation at the point of sale is our strength.


For tissue products Hugo Beck offers a wide range of film packaging solutions for hygienic flowpacks, bags and shrink packs. The flexibility and efficiency of Hugo Beck’s packaging solutions allows manufacturers to produce variable pack sizes, styles and formats, including multiple options for grouping, stacking and handling.

Wood & Long Parts

Hugo Beck provides high-performance, extremely flexible film packaging machines for wood and similar length goods, such as parquet or laminate, mouldings, wood or laminated wood, furniture parts or doors. Our packaging machines are ideal for similar length products, including skis and snowboards, spirit levels, rolled goods, steel pipes, and many more items.

Fruit & Vegetables

Today more than ever, sustainable and resource-saving solutions for packing fresh fruit and vegetables in film have to be tailored to the individual needs of the market. Requirements regarding product protection, shelf-life or hygiene, among other considerations, can vary from country to country. We offer an extensive range of film packaging machines for poly bag and shrink packaging applications, as well as flowpack packaging solutions for a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

Household Goods

Our film packaging machines enable the widest range of household goods to be packed safely and in a user-friendly format. Items include kitchenware, drinking cups, foodtainers, sanitary equipment, candles or picture frames. The remarkable versatility and flexibility of Hugo Beck’s packaging solutions are suitable for many other household goods. Whether this involves small items or larger bulky objects, we can pack the entire range of goods.

Cosmetics & Hygiene

Perfectly fitted solutions across flowpack, bag and shrink packaging are a must for this sector. Our proven shrink packaging solutions are in great demand worldwide. For example, bodycare products, aerosol cans, detergents, trays and folding boxes containing cosmetic and hygiene products are packed safely and user-friendly in film. Flowpack machines are ideal for cosmetic products where air-tight packaging and stability are important.

Beverage & Glass

With Hugo Beck’s packaging machines, a wide variety of liquid containers such as glass bottles, oil bottles and Tetra Paks can be packed together in stable bundles as secondary packaging ready for quick, easy and secure transportation.

Do-It-Yourself Retail

Hugo Beck’s film packaging machines are designed to deal with the many demands for film packaging across the DIY sector. Whether hard or soft materials, bulky goods or those that are easy to handle, our machines can pack the widest range of products, safely and securely, ensuring the highest quality and ease of use for individual products or bundled goods.

Print & Multimedia

As well as a perfect packaging appearance, the frequently varying individual post-pring processing requirements are a major topic in this sector. Our machine solutions perfectly pack and promote products, while at the same time providing maximum flexibility and efficiency during processing. Sustainability is also key, and our solutions deliver benefits across both film and paper packaging.


With film packaging machines from Hugo Beck, electronic goods are securely and safely packed, whether being prepared for point of sale or for transportation. From packing smartphones or other products to give the best quality shrink-wrap finish possible or shipping electronic components that require packing and protection in antistatic film, we have the right solution for each and every situation.

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