Shrink tunnels

As efficient and flexible as our packaging machines

Items that have initially been bagged using a machine from Hugo Beck often need to be shrunk so as to ensure a tight-fitting film and the perfect packaging finish to meet the highest standards.

Adapted for each packaging system, we supply the appropriate shrink tunnel in all sizes and performance ranges for the production of high-quality shrink packaging.

As such, we manufacture shrink tunnels in a number of versions, with a variety of rods and chains that operate like a link mesh belt. Textile mesh belts are also possible for very light products. In each case, the length of the shrink tunnel depends on the speed of packaging and on the film material selected.

State-of-the-art air ducting and heat recovery ensure efficient energy use, helping us to contribute to both protection of the environment and reducing energy costs.

The decision on whether to use a shrink tunnel with circulating air or convection principle is defined depending on the individual product application of the customer.

Shrink Tunnels

Circulating Air (Type SLB)

A tunnel with high thermal efficiency and various adjustment options for optimum shrink results. The shrink tunnel blows the heated air onto the product at the infeed area from the bottom and both sides. This creates an air flow towards the outfeed area, where the heated air continuously enters a vacuum and recirculates.

Convection (Type SL)

Optimum performance thanks to the high air flow coupled with low energy consumption. Ventilators control and evenly distribute the heated air within the shrink tunnel. This produces perfect shrink results while keeping adjustments to an absolute minimum.

Technical Data


1,20 m - 5,5 m


0,5 m - 1 m


Brochure Complete Packaging Solutions

Version Examples

Shrink tunnel SL 5015

operating according to convection principle

Shrink tunnel SL 5015 Super with hinged tunnel hood

operating according to convection principle

Shrink tunnel SLB

operating with circulating air

Packaging Style Options

Side seal

Bottom cut seal

Bottom overlap thermo seal/static seal

Overlap on top

Complementary machine solutions

Form Fill and Seal Machines


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