Illustration of the packaging type "two sides sewn, top overlap glued

two sides glued at front & rear, top overlap glued

This paper packaging format, which is produced on the paper X Form Fill and Seal machine, is a high-speed application. A sleeve is formed by folding and gluing the paper at the top to enclose the product. The paper sleeve is then glued at the front and rear to form the finished pack. For this purpose, a glue line is applied in the infeed area of the paper, at right angles to the running direction. The product lies between the glue lines which are then pressed and sealed with a travelling cross sealing unit.

Production speeds of up to 12,000 cycles/hour are available with this packaging style.

As an option, Hugo Beck's machines automatically adjust the bag to the length of the product being packed.

Products packed with us

Uncoated and coated paper from approx. 80 g/m2 to 130 g/m2 is used.

Illustration of magazines in paper packaging
Magazines in paper packaging

Magazines, inserts, various printed products, etc. are printed and personalised as shipping packaging, especially for subscriptions. The paper is uncoated and can be glued with hot melt. This paper packaging is produced with a paper X machine.

Illustration of magazines in transparent paper packaging
Magazines in transparent paper packaging

Magazines, inserts, various printed products, etc. can also be personalised in transparent paper as shipping packaging, especially for subscriptions. This paper packaging is produced with a paper X machine.

Abbildung von der braunen Papierverpackung
Paper packaging glued

Dispatch packaging for single products or bundles in stacks with two glued sides and glued top overlap. Different products such as multimedia articles, vouchers etc. are packed. The suitable machine is the paper X. It wraps products of different width and height, especially the length is adjusted.

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Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging

Sustainable and personalised: Magazines are packed in paper instead of plastic with the Hugo Beck hybrid packaging machine paper X hybrid advance. Of course, other products can also be packed in paper. The paper packaging machine can be flexibly adapted to film packaging with a simple changeover, future-proofing the investment. The machine processes films of all types and papers from approx. 60 g/m2 to 120 g/m2.

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

The paper X e-com paper packaging machine automatically adapts the shipping bag size to a varying product length to minimise material consumption.

Applicable Industries

Abbildung von Magazinen

Print & Multimedia

Abbildung von einer Frau am Laptop

E-Commerce & Logistics

Machine Options

paper X hybrid/paper X

Schlauchbeutelmaschine für Papier und Folie

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