Ecological action

Sustainable and progressive

Innovative, trend-setting acts are characteristic of Hugo Beck. Also with regards to ecology. From an early stage, we have been committed to treating the environment responsibly - and practice this ourselves on a daily basis. Various environmentally friendly measures guarantee clean, energy-saving and efficient production processes in our company. 

Furthermore, the global concern about sustainability in relation to plastic packaging has provided plenty of food for thought also in our company. As a specialist for horizontal packaging machines this topic is naturally close to our hearts and continues to be a focus as we try to make a productive contribution to more sustainability.

We regard ourselves as a partner to both industry and the retail sector in the devising of sustainable packaging solutions through innovation and further developments in machine technology.

We follow different approaches and take into account that each company has its own unique requirements for packaging their goods. 

We therefore need to ensure our customers are able to select the best material according to their specific product application and sustainability objectives.

Different materials meet the many different environmental objectives our customers face.

From lightweight thinner films, to bioplastics or the latest mono-material films and recycled content materials, there are many options for manufacturers and our latest machine technology now enables the cost-effective, flexible use of paper alongside filmic packaging to deliver even greater functionality.

How does Hugo Beck's machine technology contribute to sustainable primary and secondary packaging solutions?

For many years now, Hugo Beck has approached the development of innovative machine technology in three ways, in order to provide packaging that minimises the use of resources and future-proofs the user:

-  We use machine technology that minimises film consumption in the packaging process. Use only the film that is truly needed!

-  We process all types of machine-compatible films at maximum speeds including those that are considered problematic, for example due to their sealing ability, such as extremely thin packaging films available from just 7μm (e. g. polyolefin), 100%  recyclable films made from monomaterials (e. g. polypropylene) and those made from recycled materials and bioplastics (e. g. PLA films).

-  We develop alternative machine technologies that enable the flexible switch to paper-based packaging and various other packaging materials where this is an alternative to film packaging.

Hugo Beck is also part of the VDMA initiative "pack4sustainability". Here you will find more information about general packaging and sustainability.

Material savings of approx. 15 - 70 %

Hugo Beck's continuous servo X film packaging machines can provide users with film savings of approx. 15%. How?

Due to our patented tight packaging with a highly precise fit of the film and hardly any film waste during production: When using continuous Hugo Beck machines, for example, there is no stop-and-go, and through highly precise sequencing and synchronisation of the transverse sealing unit with each product, gaps are minimised.

This ensures high volume production outputs, as well as delivering an extremely close-fitting, precise and film-efficient packaging solution with an unrivalled and outstanding finish.

This high quality is so far unique in the field of film packaging.

The tight fitting of the bag ensures a minimum film excess - an example would be 2 x 2.5 mm on a DIN A4 magazine and a production output of 8000 cycles/hour. In the case of shrink packaging, less film is then shrunk, which improves the packaging result and also reduces energy consumption.

More information in this case study

This is just one of many examples.
Please contact us to find out how your product can be packaged in the most film efficient way possible.

The environmental profile of film packaging can also be optimised by making it as thin and light as possible.
Packaging machines from Hugo Beck process extremely thin packaging and shrink films starting from only 7 µm without any problems. Proven examples include the Cryovac® ultra-thin polyolefin shrink film (without PVC and plasticizers) at only 7μm from Sealed Air and 9μm from Bolloré. 


Material savings of approx. 60 - 70 % are possible in the film volume per package in comparison with film packaging customary in the industry. Hugo Beck's cutting-edge machine technology has been designed to deliver a consistently high, or even increased, output across these new film types and deliver significant film reduction.

This ensures that both material savings and efficiency increases can be achieved in the production of flowpacks, poly bags and shrink packs.

For film packaging as primary and secondary packaging we process all types of film, including:

-  Polyolefin (starting at 7 μm)

-  Polypropylene

-  Polyethylene

-  Composite films

-  Tyvek®

-  Films made from up to 100 % recycled material

-  Bioplastics (e.g. PLA films)

Film or Paper: It's Your Choice

At FachPack 2019 Hugo Beck presented for the first time its flexible machine technology for film and paper packaging. We now enable customers to select whether a product is packaged in film or paper (or alternatively in composite material). The packaging machines can be easily adapted to new packaging materials with a simple changeover.


-  Both film and paper packaging can be produced on a single machine with a simple changeover.

-  Different types of packaging are produced with a single machine.

-  Some older Hugo Beck film packaging machines can be converted to paper packaging.

This means for our customers a sustainable investment with an eye on the future. And you are able to select the most suitable material for the specific requirements of the product you want to package, while meeting the environmental objectives of your company.

More information about the flexible horizontal form, fill and seal machine paper X hybrid advance

More information about our paper packaging solutions

Find out more in this user report how the German printing house Kohlhammer now uses paper instead of plastic working with a paper packaging system of Hugo Beck.

This is just one of many examples. Please contact us to find out how your product can be packaged in paper.

Our latest paper packaging solutions underline the fact that we continue working on innovative machine technology in order to develop through continued cooperation with our customers sustainable packaging solutions in every respect for today’s markets and tomorrow’s.

Many new packaging materials are currently being developed and will soon be ready for the market which means numerous new film types and new papers available for selection. We are meeting this challenge with flexible machine concepts in order to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable solutions for our environment.

Want to find out more? Contact us at any time with your ideas and requests and if you don't see your required packaging variant or, for example, if you require a specific sealing option, just let us know and we will see how we can help. 

Download overview film and paper packaging