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Innovation and sustainability

Tomorrow's Film and paper packaging solutions today

Hugo Beck is well known for its innovative, state-of-the-art technological developments and it is the same with regards to sustainability. From early on, we have been committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way, and we continue to focus on this each day, with a variety of measures guaranteeing clean, energy-saving and efficient production processes across our business.

Furthermore, the global concern about sustainability in relation to plastic packaging has provided plenty of food for thought in our business. As a specialist for horizontal film and paper packaging machines this topic is naturally close to our hearts and continues to be a focus for us as we work to make a productive contribution to delivering greater sustainability.

We see ourselves as a partner to both industry and the retail sector in devising of sustainable primary and secondary packaging solutions, through innovation and continued developments in machine technology.

For many years now we have followed different approaches and take into account that each company has its own unique requirements for packaging their goods. 

We therefore ensure our customers  can select the best material according to their specific product application and sustainability objectives.

On the one hand, innovative machine technology must enable packaging that is as resource efficient as possible, while on the other it must also future-proof the user, helping them prepare today for the packaging needs of tomorrow.


Material savings of approx. 15%

Due to our extremely tight packaging with a highly precise fit of the film and hardly any film waste during production, Hugo Beck's continuous servo X Form Fill and Seal machines can provide users with film savings of approx. 15%. For example, there is no stop-and-go, and through highly precise sequencing and synchronisation of the transverse sealing unit with each product, gaps are minimised. This ensures high volume production outputs, as well as delivering an extremely close-fitting, precise and film-efficient packaging solution with an unrivalled and outstanding finish. In the case of shrink packaging, less film is then shrunk, which both improves the packaging result and also reduces energy consumption.

More information in this case study

Material savings of approx. 60 - 70%

The environmental profile of film packaging can also be optimised by making it as thin and light as possible. Packaging machines from Hugo Beck process extremely thin packaging and shrink films starting from only 7 µm. The use of such fine shrink film provides material savings of approx. 60 - 70 % in the film volume per package in comparison with film packaging customary in the industry. 

Hugo Beck's cutting-edge machine technology has been designed to deliver a consistently high, or even increased, output across these new film types and to deliver significant reductions in film use! This ensures that both material savings and efficiency increases can be achieved in the production of flowpacks, bags and shrink packs.

Film or Paper: It's your choice

Paper packaging machines and hybrid machines that pack products in both film and paper on the same machine complete our portfolio.

Our paper X series of hybrid machines allows users to select whether a product is wrapped in film or paper. The machines can be easily adapted to new packaging materials with a simple changeover. Or you entirely opt for paper packaging in the future (with top overlap glued).
Find out more about the paper X series

Our paper e-com fit paper packaging machine produces shipping bags with two sewn sides and top overlap glued. This machine is particularly suitable for the e-commerce sector.
Find out more about paper e-com fit

What will the future bring?

Many new packaging materials are currently being developed and will soon be ready for the market which will mean there will be numerous new film types and new papers available to choose from. We are meeting this challenge with flexible machine concepts, to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable solutions for our environment. By observing packaging trends and testing the latest developments in packaging materials at an early stage, we can make them available for our customers.

Therefore, please contact us at any time with your ideas and requests if you don't see your required packaging type or, for example, if you require a specific sealing option, just let us know and we will see how we can help.

pack4sustainability - The VDMA knowledge portal for sustainable packaging

Hugo Beck is part of the VDMA initiative "pack4sustainability" and through this we support an objective contribution to the current plastics and packaging debate. The portal provides a holistic approach to packaging with objective information on sustainability and the circular economy, as well as on the functionality and value of packaging. In addition, the website shows various packaging materials and their related properties, an overview of relevant laws and regulations, as well as infographics and expert interviews. Various company examples of the German packaging machinery industry show what sustainable solutions are already available today.

Learn more at "pack4sustainability"

Discover our solutions!

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

The paper e-com fit paper packaging machine automatically adapts the shipping bag size to varying product dimensions to minimise material consumption.

WILDPLASTIC® shipping film bags for E-Commerce

WILDPLASTIC® shipping film bags for E-Commerce

Our servo X e-com (fit) packaging machines can handle shipping bags made from WILDPLASTIC®. The term "wild plastic" describes all the plastic that currently exists outside the closed recycling loop – in streets, illegal and open dumps, and in nature. Such bags are already being used by OTTO in the mail order business. The bag size is automatically adapted to varying product sizes in length and width.

Hugo Beck flowpack X fully automated with SEW-EURODRIVE

Hugo Beck flowpack X fully automated with SEW-EURODRIVE

How it was possible to realize a compressed air-free and energy-efficient packaging machine with SEW-EURODRIVE you can see in this video.

Flowpack Machine for Paper Packaging

Flowpack Machine for Paper Packaging

Our box-motion flowpack X packaging machine is suitable for heat and cold-sealable cellulose-/paper-based packaging materials. Thanks to continuous transversal sealing, a long dwell time and high sealing pressure is achieved enabling optimum processing of the most diverse coated papers, such as barrier paper, kraft/offset/parchment and other papers with PE, PLA or dispersion coatings. The flowpack X packs goods in paper or film, by a simple changeover.

Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging

Sustainable and personalised: Magazines are packed in paper instead of plastic with the Hugo Beck hybrid packaging machine paper X hybrid advance. Of course, other products can also be packed in paper. The paper packaging machine can be flexibly adapted to film packaging with a simple changeover, future-proofing the investment. The machine processes films of all types and papers from approx. 60 g/m2 to 120 g/m2.

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

The paper X e-com paper packaging machine automatically adapts the shipping bag size to a varying product length to minimise material consumption.

Shrink wrapping of chocolate boxes

Shrink wrapping of chocolate boxes

Watch our video to see a Hugo Beck servo X shrink wrapping system in action for chocolate boxes with a perfect finish.

Hugo Beck corporate video

Hugo Beck corporate video

Would you like to pack your products sustainably?

Together we will see how your products can be packed in either paper or film in a resource-saving way.


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