Illustration of the packaging type "Bottom cut seal"

Bottom cut seal

This packaging style uses a cut seal underneath the product and, if required, high-quality shrink packaging is also possible. This is particularly suitable for packing round products with film. As an example, shrink packs of aerosol cans for the cosmetics industry can easily be produced.

A fixed or adjustable forming shoulder is available to form the film sleeve.

This packaging style can be produced at performance speeds of up to 50 m/min.

Frequently used films

Products packed with us

Our examples are applicable to many different products, product sizes and bundles. Let us find the perfect packaging solution for your product.

Abbildung von Hygieneartikeln in der Folienverpackung
Sanitary products

Hygiene products in bottles, spray cans, tubes such as body lotions, deodorants, hairspray, etc. are shrink-wrapped individually or in bundles. Mostly, promotional packaging is produced with PO-film. Suitable machines are a flexo or servo X, depending on performance class and packaging style. For example, side sealing, bottom cut sealing or ionization are often applied.

Candles, tea lights

Candles are either packed individually or in bundles. For producing bundles, for examples with tea lights, the items may be either stacked or grouped. Packaging is often made of PVC film and is produced on flexo or servo X machines with side sealing or bottom cut sealing.

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Producing individual, double and six packs of tissue rolls

Producing individual, double and six packs of tissue rolls

Three different types of tissue roll shrink packs are easily produced on one single film packaging machine: Hugo Beck servo X 800.

Orienting and packaging of spray cans

Orienting and packaging of spray cans

Orienting and shrink wrapping of spray cans with a Hugo Beck film packaging machine servo X and automation solution.

Applicable Industries

Cosmetics & Hygiene

Machine Options

servo X

Form Fill and Seal Machine for Film

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