Robots and Handling Systems

Efficient and flexible automation solutions

Hugo Beck can claim a decade-long development tradition when it comes to automation. We offer support with our expertise throughout the entire automation process, from project planning and manufacture right through to integration into complex packaging lines.

Handling systems such as portals, grouping solutions, stacking and counting devices, cross pusher to name but a few, are integrated reliably into the packaging solutions by our technicians.

Furthermore, various robots systems are used across many industries for the automated feeding of products, helping to for example grip, position, stack, group, stage products. From a parallel robot (also known as a spider robot) all the way through to a SCARA robot – anything is flexibly possible and delivered fully integrated according to each customer‘s needs.

Both robots and handling systems can all be purchased independently of Hugo Beck packaging machines.

Your Benefits

Automation Examples

Integrated in line robot system

Handling a variety of products

Multipack handling

Stacking of dual packs

Pick & placing individual packaging

Automation applications with high-speed robot technology

Automation applications with high-speed robot technology

An automated robotic product infeed system for film packaging applications in different industries.

Automation in post-print processing with parallel robot

Automation in post-print processing with parallel robot

An automated high-speed robotic product infeed system, coupled with film packaging applications for the print and paper industry.

Applicable Industries

Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology


E-Commerce & Logistics

Print & Multimedia

Cosmetics & Hygiene


Complementary Machine Solutions

Form Fill and Seal Machines

intermittent and continuous

Flowpack Machines

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Are you interested in automation?

We will find a suitable robotic or handling system for your application.


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