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Maximum flexibility and automation

Hugo Beck develops and produces film and paper packaging solutions designed specifically for the requirements of the e-commerce sector. Thanks to features such as the integration of labelling and printing units alongside controllers with connections to client-side ERP systems – everything is possible.

A mix of different products and dimensions can be packed at the same time. Thanks to intelligent product recognition and scanning of dimensions, each product is individually packed with the minimum amount of film or paper required. This provides significant material savings and minimises the size of the final dispatch packaging.

Contract packers and logistics operators require simple, efficient and integrated solutions, which can be rapidly adapted to different product requirements. Flexibility is also key. Hugo Beck’s packaging solutions ensure co-packers are already equipped and ready to meet the needs of tomorrow – providing the high flexibility they demand. This is why in particular our film packaging machines and automation solutions are used by so many companies in the contract packaging sector. Examples include everything from the packing of textiles, cosmetics and hygiene articles to food and drinks, CDs, toys, magazines and promotion consignments. We also provide machines specifically designed to handle mailings and advertising material, ensuring they are ready for dispatch. Similarly, our machine solutions can create double packs or multipacks and other groupings required.

Within a matter of minutes, each packaging machine and any automated robot solution can be adjusted to cope with each new product, ensuring orders can be dealt with easily and smoothly. This delivers a streamlined production process and optimised quality assurance through error-free automation.

If you would like to pack in paper instead of film in the field of contract packaging/logistics, you will certainly also find a suitable solution in our portfolio.

Products packed with us


Transport or sales packaging for textile products and various other items available online such as multimedia products. The products are packed tightly in a bag or shrink-wrapped. Suitable packaging machines are a flexo or servo X. The film bags are used either as packaging for the individual products or as a mailing bag. Different product dimensions are packed automatically and flexibly.

Paper packaging sewn/glued

Dispatch packaging or individual packaging with two sewn or glued sides and glued top overlap. It can also be used as return packaging for various products, especially for textile goods. The suitable machine is the PB 800 E-Com. It adjusts automatically to different product dimensions and thus saves packaging material.

Paper packaging glued

Dispatch packaging for single products or bundles in stacks with two glued sides and glued top overlap. Different products such as multimedia articles, vouchers etc. are packed. The suitable machine is the paper X. It wraps products of different width and height, especially the length is adjusted.

Discover our solutions!

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce

The PB 800 E-Com flexible packaging machine adapts the bag size automatically to the dimensions of the products.

Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging

Sustainable and personalised: Magazines are packed in paper instead of plastic with the Hugo Beck form, fill and seal machine paper X hybrid advance. Of course, other products can also be packed in paper. The paper packaging machine can be flexibly adapted to film packaging with a simple changeover, future-proofing the investment. The machine processes films of all types and papers from approx. 60 g/m2 to 120 g/m2.

Automation applications with high-speed robot technology

Automation applications with high-speed robot technology

An automated robotic product infeed system for film packaging applications in different industries.

Automation in post-print processing with parallel robot

Automation in post-print processing with parallel robot

An automated high-speed robotic product infeed system, coupled with film packaging applications for the print and paper industry.

Packaging Style Options

2 sides glued, top overlap glued

Paper Packaging

2 sides sewn, top overlap glued

Paper Packaging

2 sides glued at front & rear, top overlap glued

Paper Packaging

Side seal

Machine Options

flexo 700 E-Com

intermittent Form Fill and Seal Machine

PB 800 E-Com

intermittent Form Fill and Seal Machine for paper and film

paper X hybrid/paper X

continuous Form Fill and Seal Machine for paper and film

Robots and Handling Systems

Shrink Tunnels

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We make sure that your product is perfectly packed, while offering you maximum flexibility with our machine technology.


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