Maintenance and refurbishment contracts

Our maintenance inspections give you access to the latest detailed performance information for your Hugo Beck machinery, helping you to maintain consistent production and planning in your facility. In addition, alongside our extensive maintenance packages, we provide a total refurbishment service, to ensure machines remain ‘as good as new’.

Customisation is central to all our maintenance services. We offer customer-specific maintenance contracts, which minimise the need for repair and maintenance and extend the availability of your machines. Alongside the many advantages of having one of our maintenance contracts, customers also receive a discount on spare parts and receive prioritisation in carrying out any repairs and maintenance work, on your desired date.


Why have a maintenance contract?

Our Service Packages

With each service package, we undertake an equipment wear and tear test. All work undertaken is fully documented, with any detected faults and the time taken to rectify them clearly highlighted. Any replacement parts required can be ordered directly from your Hugo Beck service technician.

We optimise machine performance via a controlled production process after maintenance, as well as providing guidance and information about Hugo Beck’s latest developments, improvements and auxiliary equipment.


  • One maintenance visit per year

  • 5% parts discount

  • Free of charge phone service

  • Priority treatment


  • Two maintenance visits per year

  • 10% parts discount

  • Free of charge phone service

  • Priority treatment


  • Four maintenance visits per year

  • 15% parts discount

  • Free of charge phone service

  • Priority treatment

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