Suction belt/mailtable

Our high-performance, flexible positionable mailtables are called "maillines" and usually consist of a feeder and an attached alignment section with an outfeed suction belt. All feeders can be used flexibly within the mailline.

The maillines are primarily used for processing flyers, which are for example fed in, grooved and then glued and personalised.

In addition to the mailline we offer the mailline advance, which is not equipped with a continuous suction belt, but with four or six suction conveyor belts, which can be freely shifted and adjusted. The products to be packaged are folded, ploughed or glued.

Technical Data

Product Size

from DIN A7 to DIN A3

Capacity mailline and mailline advance

up to 25.000 cycles/hour

Capacity Feeders

up to 40.000 cycles/hour


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Application Examples

mailline suction belt

Mailline suction belt with labeling head

Mailline suction belt with labeling head

Mailline suction belt and addressing

Mailline suction belt and addressing

Applicable Industries

Print & Multimedia

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