Universal feeder

The universal feeder is usually the main feeder and at the start of the production line. Our universal feeders can cope with very heavy products with a height of between 2 and 80 mm. The flexibly applicable feeder is equipped with its own control and drive units.

It is used in both the graphics industry and other industries, for example if puzzles, cardboard, fleece cloths or plastic cutting boards are fed in.

Technical Data

HB 350

Length: between 148 and 420 mm

Width: between 105 and 315 mm

Height: between 2 and 60 mm, optionally 80 mm

Output: up to 18.000 cycles/hour

HB 440

Length: between 148 and 520 mm

Width: between 105 and 450 mm

Height: 2 - 40 mm

Output: up to 15.000 cycles/hour


Brochure Robots and Feeders

Application Examples

Universal Feeder HB 350

Feeding and inkjetting of newspapers

Feeding and inkjetting of newspapers

Post-print processing of magazines with Hugo Beck's inserting machine ESM

Post-print processing of magazines with Hugo Beck's inserting machine ESM

Applicable Industries

Print & Multimedia


Complementary machine solutions

Form Fill and Seal Machines


Inserting Machines

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