servo X e-com (fit)

Film packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

With the servo X e-com you are ideally equipped to meet the demands of film packaging for the e-commerce, mail order and logistics sectors. 

Whether dealing with the direct dispatch of individual goods, packing groups of products or meeting the complex requirements of returned goods packaging for example, the servo X e-com packs goods with a minimum use of film and automatically adjusts the film bags with four sealed sides to the product's length as standard.

To support the precise fitting of shipping bags, the servo X e-com fit model also adjusts the bag size to the product's width so that the machines fully automatically adjust to varying product sizes during the packaging process. 

Furthermore, packaging with upper and lower film enables a greater scope for branding, for example with two-tone shipping bags.

Additional options include the ability to add an easy-opening perforation to the bags as well as inserting a double-sided adhesive tape for resealing a bag for returns.


Technical Data

Product infeed

manual as standalone/automatic in line

Product Size

Length: 100 – 600 mm
Width: 150 – 500 mm
Height: max. 200 mm


servo X e-com: approx. 3000 cycles/h
servo X e-com fit: approx. 1800 cycles/h


Upper/lower film: e.g. PE flat film 30 – 100 μm, recycled content film


Data sheet servo X e-com (fit)

Machine versions and application examples

servo X e-com featuring automatic adaptation of the bag size to the product's length

servo X e-com fit featuring automatic adaptation of the bag size to the product's length and width

Film packaging for E-Commerce (with upper-/lower film)

Film packaging for E-Commerce (with upper-/lower film)

The servo X e-com, operating with upper and lower film (e.g. recycled content film), features for example scanning of invoice barcodes, product length measuring for precisely fitted shipping bags, continuous application of the shipping label and optimised user-friendliness.

Two-tone dispatch film packaging for diverse products

Applicable Industries

Abbildung von einer Frau am Laptop

E-Commerce & Logistics

Complementary Machine Solutions

Abbildung von Robotersystem für Verpackungen

Robots and Handling Systems

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