paper X hybrid and paper X

For paper and film packaging

Paper or film? Stay flexible! The paper X hybrid is designed for packaging goods in paper or film.  A simple changeover ensures you are ready for the new product and the new packaging material.

Whether using a chain infeed or infeed conveyor, the machines stand apart through their continuous packaging process – without stop-and-go – maximising efficiencies by ensuring there is no downtime when sealing or glueing.

Different machine versions are available, depending on how flexible you need to be:


Technical Data

Product infeed

manual as standalone/automatic in line

Product Size for film

Length: from 45 mm
Width: max. 450 mm
Height: max. 80 mm

Product size for paper

Length: from 100 mm
Width: max. 625 mm
Height: max. 50 mm/only for paper X e-com max. 100 mm


centre-folded and flat film, e.g. PE, PO, PP, bio films, recycled content films


uncoated and coated, from approx. 60 g/m2 to 120 g/m2


film up to 15.000 cycles/hour
paper 3.000 - 12.000 cycles/hour


film: side seal, top overlap sealing
paper: top overlap glued (alternative closing techniques upon request)


Data sheet paper X series

Flyer Hugo Beck Cockpit

Sustainable film and paper packaging

How can the consumption of film during packaging be reduced?

Due to our extremely tight packaging with a highly precise fit of the film and hardly any film waste during production: When using continuous Hugo Beck machines, for example, there is no stop-and-go, and through highly precise sequencing and synchronisation of the transverse sealing unit with each product, gaps are minimised. This ensures high volume production outputs, as well as delivering an extremely close-fitting, precise and film-efficient packaging solution with an unrivalled and outstanding finish.

The tight fitting of the bag ensures a minimum film excess - an example would be 2 x 2.5 mm on a DIN A4 magazine and a production output of 8000 cycles/hour. In the case of shrink packaging, less film is then shrunk, which improves the packaging result and also reduces energy consumption.

The environmental profile of film packaging can also be optimised by making it as thin and light as possible. Packaging machines from Hugo Beck process extremely thin packaging and shrink films starting from only 7 µm without any problems

Flexible switch to paper packaging instead of plastic film

You have the choice between paper and film. A single Hugo Beck packaging machine can now deliver both film and paper packaging applications. The paper X hybrid advance is our most flexible and efficient Form Fill and Seal machine for packaging goods in paper or film. A simple changeover ensures you are ready for the new product and the new packaging material.

Or you entirely opt for paper packaging in the future. Both uncoated and coated paper of various types can be used for producing bags.

Case study: Printing company Kohlhammer is switching from plastic film to paper

Find out more in the full report about the complete paper packaging system and Kohlhammer's implementation of its sustainability strategy.

Machine versions and application examples

paper X

The basic model for paper packaging with overlap on top and without option to switch to film packaging

paper X e-com

The E-Commerce machine model for paper packaging with overlap on top adapts the shipping bag size automatically to the product's length.

paper X hybrid

The flexible machine for packaging goods in paper and film, featuring overlap on top with hot melt for paper packaging and overlap sealing on top for film packaging.

paper X hybrid advance

The most flexible and efficient machine for packaging goods in paper or film, featuring overlap on top and side seal

Paper Packaging for Long Parts

Paper Packaging for Long Parts

The Hugo Beck paper X range offers multiple machine versions tailored per customer requirements. Providing versatile packaging for individual product requirements, the paper X series can process a wide range of packaging materials, including barrier paper, uncoated kraft paper, offset paper, parchment paper and other recyclable papers with PE, PLA or dispersion coatings, as well as working with all types of film such as PE, PO, PP, bioplastics and recycled content films.

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

Sustainable Paper Packaging for E-Commerce, mail order and logistics

The paper X e-com paper packaging machine automatically adapts the shipping bag size to a varying product length to minimise material consumption.

Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging

Sustainable and personalised: Magazines are packed in paper instead of plastic with the Hugo Beck hybrid packaging machine paper X hybrid advance. Of course, other products can also be packed in paper. The paper packaging machine can be flexibly adapted to film packaging with a simple changeover, future-proofing the investment. The machine processes films of all types and papers from approx. 60 g/m2 to 120 g/m2.

Packaging Style Options

2 sides glued at front & rear, top overlap glued

Paper Packaging

Side seal

Overlap on top

Applicable Industries

Print & Multimedia

E-Commerce & Logistics

Household Goods

Do-It-Yourself Retail


Complementary Machine Solutions

Robots and Handling Systems

Shrink Tunnels

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