servo X 800

The modular high-end allrounder for large-format products

The servo X 800 are the most flexible and powerful of film packaging machines in the horizontal large-format segment – and all this with maximum modularity. 

They can be configured individually and thus meet all requirements.

Whether chain infeed or infeed conveyor, servo X 800 machines win over with their continuous packaging process and no stop-and-go, meaning dead time is not an issue when sealing. Besides high performance, this enables extremely tight-fitting and precise packaging with a saving in film of up to 15 %. This ensures that the film packaging‘s excellent appearance is unrivalled.


Technical Data

Product infeed

manual as standalone/automatic in line


centre-folded and flat film, e.g.  PE, PO, PP, bio films, recycled content films

Product Size

Length: from 150 mm
Width: 150 – 800 mm
Height: max. 450 mm


up to 5000 cycles/hour
up to 84 cycles/minute


Side seal, bottom overlap with or without sealing/ionisation


Data sheet servo X 800

Flyer Hugo Beck Cockpit

Machine versions and application examples

servo X 800 with infeed conveyor belt and side sealing

servo X 800 with step belt and bottom overlap with thermo seal/static seal

servo X 800 with chain infeed and side sealing

Producing individual, double and six packs of tissue rolls

Producing individual, double and six packs of tissue rolls

Three different types of tissue roll shrink packs are easily produced on one single film packaging machine: Hugo Beck servo X 800.

Producing shrink packs of single tissue rolls or in groups

Producing shrink packs of single tissue rolls or in groups

Film packaging of calendars with hang tag

Film packaging of calendars with hang tag

Packaging Style Options

Illustration of the packaging type "Side seal"

Side seal

Abbildung von Überlappung unten geschweißt/ionisiert

Bottom overlap thermo seal/static seal

Applicable Industries

Abbildung von Laminatboden

Wood & Long Parts

[Translate to German:] Maschinen von Hugo Beck verpacken Baumarkt-Produkte als Einzelprodukt oder als Gebinde.

Do-It-Yourself Retail

Abbildung einer Person beim Reinigen


Abbildung von Magazinen

Print & Multimedia

Complementary Machine Solutions

Shrink Tunnels

Abbildung von Robotersystem für Verpackungen

Robots and Handling Systems

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